"I Will Personally Build Your Own Guaranteed Mini-Website That's 100% Ready To Go ... And Gives You An Autopilot Income Potential Of Up To $243 Per Order!"*

Your Own Affiliate Mini-Website Business Is The Simplest Way Guaranteed To Generate Automatic Turnkey Income From The Net!

From: Ken Silver
"Helping People Profit
Since 1991"

It doesn't get any simpler to make an automatic income on the net than this:

I will build and provide your own Lotto Affiliate Mini-Website that GIVES AWAY a Free Report to eager visitors... all set up for you, ready to go.

Your affiliate name is scattered throughout the Free Report in every link.

When the readers click on any of your links and buy any of my selected products - YOU get 75% of every sale. That's up to $67 per order for the Silver Lotto System - and 6 out of 10 buyers go on to purchase more products!

The profits can be huge... Some of my top affiliates make tens of thousands of dollars a year with my Silver Lotto products! One affiliate recently made $10,000.00 in just 5 days... that's net - money straight into his pocket.

You may not achieve these figures right away, but the Lotto Mini-Website puts you on the path to profits and gets you started!

You don't have to do a thing except promote it. And I'll even help you with that!

You WILL NOT have to worry about web design!

You WILL NOT be joining any junk schemes!

You WILL NOT have to join any membership sites!

You WILL NOT need to host your own website - ever!

You WILL NOT have to sign up to autoresponders!

You WILL NOT have to buy anything else!

The setup's all done for you, and tested so that you know it works. And anyone can use it from anywhere in the world!

So How Does This Work For You?

Owning your low-cost Lotto Mini-Website makes you an affiliate (reseller is another name for it), for my hugely popular Silver Lotto System and over 35 other best-selling Silver Lotto System products.

Just a single Silver Lotto System sale every day puts over $200 in your pocket each week.

If you made 2 or even 3 sales a day - then you're starting to make substantial income.

Check out the online calculator a bit further below to discover your potential income.

Let me tell you - the best part in this unique business is that I share the profits. So if you make a $39.95 sale - then you earn $27 each time. I get the rest. It's the perfect win-win situation.

"But Wait A Minute - I Don't Want To Sell Anything!"

I know. If you're like most people, you can't be bothered with the complexity of selling. Maybe in the past you've emailed a few friends or workmates with an affiliate offer, then your selling enthusiasm has just run out.

Or maybe you just don't care for anything that looks like "selling" - it's just not your game.

This is where your own fully automatic mini-website comes in to help you... everything is provided and set up for you - without the hassle! Just promote your Lotto Mini-Website with the tools I recommend.

And you really don't "sell"... you just refer others to your mini-website and let the website do all the work for you! Any time - day or night, in any country in the world.

Here's How The Lotto Mini-Website Selling System
Works To Put Money In Your Pocket...

I supply and set up your own special lotto mini-website...

Your website has been specifically designed to persuade visitors to download and read my free Report: "Lottery Secrets."

FACT: Almost everyone that visits the
website will download this free ebook. Over 7,000 read it in the first few weeks after I first released it.

Watch How These Simple Profit Steps
Build Your Sales...

Profit Step #1: You invite people to go to your personalized mini-website. They can then download the free, value-packed Report, "Lottery Secrets."

Each copy of that manual carries your own personalized affiliate nickname to give you commissions.

Profit Step #2: It's usually only a short step before they buy the Silver Lotto System... and you automatically get your commission - sent to you every 2 weeks like clockwork from!

When readers click on the links in the ebook to look at the Silver Lotto System website - you get a whopping 75% commission of the US$39.95 price... or US$87 for a current Canadian offer... or any other of the 35+ products of mine... each time - automatically, when they buy!


I can guarantee that most visitors will access the manual - but...

...You Win EVEN If They Don't Download The Report!

That's because your website link to my Silver Lotto System also has your affiliate name built in. So if your visitor decides not to download the book but is still interested, guess where they'll head to find out more?

That's right - they go to the Silver Lotto System website through your personalized affiliate link.

And if they buy within 60 days (ClickBank's standard cookie period), you still get your money. It's a win-win situation again.

How I Break Down The Email Barrier To
Massively Increase Your Sales...

Most of these kind of websites ask for the visitor's information in order to access a free product. But sometimes that's a big barrier for people who don't want to release their email addresses. So they click and leave.

My Lotto Mini-Website doesn't force visitors to enter their email address. Access to the manual is email-free. That means no privacy worries for the reader.

It's proven - the take-up rate soars. And since visitors don't feel any 'hard-sell' pressure, their acceptance rate is higher.

Interested now? See the huge potential?

Work Out Your Profits For Yourself...

Use this online calculator to work out how much you could earn while just sitting on your butt, or watching a game on TV (in your Hawaii 5-star hotel room maybe!). Just enter the daily sales and press the "Calculate" button below: 

How many Silver Lotto manuals your website sells each day:

How much you can earn per month:


Your Successful Web-Based Business!

Why will your Lotto Mini-Website be so successful for you? Well, it's simple. If you don't know me yet, since 1991 I have been selling the Silver Lotto System worldwide - and on the net since 1996!

You don't last that long without doing something right.

Today it's common knowledge that being an affiliate for my Silver Lotto System program can be immensely profitable. Many of my affiliates earn hundreds of dollars - and some earn tens of thousands!

Here's Why:

  • Lotto is the world's largest money opportunity with a staggering number of players. Every week many hundreds of millions of people in almost every country play lotto. But...

  • ...Almost every single player - without my system - fail miserably in getting anything at all - not even a free ticket. So they need my system, and right now. This makes my Silver Lotto System hugely popular... it almost sells itself.

  • The Silver Lotto System has one of the lowest customer return rates of any program I know. This is tremendously important because while golden words can sell anything - if the buyer is not happy with the product, it's effectively a no-sale. Here's my stats to prove my low return rate:

    Overall, barely a tiny 2% return my product through ClickBank.
    Many marketing authorities figure that a 10-15% refund rate is acceptable! Mine is a fraction of that amount.

  • My Silver Lotto System is usually at the top of its category at ClickBank - one of the world's largest online merchants with over 12,500 products. And my system has been way up there for many years.

    It's simple to work out why. My system is a great product and a big seller, and that's why it's so consistently high in the charts.

  • I've been selling the Silver Lotto System consistently since 1991 with many successful testimonials from winners up to $3.2 Million. It's a track record unequaled anywhere I know of.

Could YOU Match This 12-Month Income Stream?

Some of my affiliates make many tens of thousands of dollars a year! While you may not achieve this straight off... it shows the huge potential available to you.

Take a look at this example for 12 month's "work" done by one affiliate - it's typical of some of my top earners:

Your Automatic Selling System Is Ready To Go...

Here's what you receive with your Lotto Mini-Website investment:

  • Your Own 24/7 Autopilot Mini-Website. It works tirelessly for you day and night, without you lifting a finger - you just have to refer others to it. It also costs you nothing to run. I pick up all the hosting costs of around $19 a month, free to you.

    Your website looks similar to this - simple and effective with a proven click rate:

  • Your Own Personalized URL for your website so that you can direct visitors to your website, and your website only. It's linked to your own initials so you'll never forget the URL. Here's mine (initials ks for Ken Silver), so you can try it out: Or you can use a shorter version like this: lottoguy. I show you how.

  • Personalized PDF Copies of "Lotto Secrets Revealed" with your own encrypted commission link built in. Enough for an unlimited number of visitors to download - even thousands a minute! You never handle them though, because it's all automatic - and I pay for the downloads! When they click your link in the ebook and buy - you get the commission automatically!

  • A Worry-free Payment System. Your commission checks come direct from ClickBank - one of the internet's largest and most reliable online merchant system, not me. I have been using them since 2001 without a single problem. Everything is done by them for the ultimate in security for you.
    They will...

  • Process your buyer's credit card, Paypal or online check...

    Split the payments and commission, and pay you and me automatically every two weeks like clockwork, You get a check like the one here...

    Handle refunds (if any!)...

    Take care of all the other problems like security, country vetting, fraud procedures... boring stuff that would take you hours each day to accomplish...

    Give you up-to-the-minute progress and sales figures that you can inspect any time day or night...

  • A Generous 75% Commission for every product sold through your Lotto Mini-Website Selling System.

And your Lotto Mini-Website works day and night, silently, while you sleep or take a vacation. All you need to do is promote it to others.

My System Fills A Massive Gap In The Market...

It can't be any easier to start making a small fortune* on the internet. That's because the Silver Lotto System fills a massive gap in the huge market of lotto systems.

Because it's completely different to all the rest.

Just think - how skeptical would you be if I promised you a system that wins a major prize? You're right - it's impossible and stupid. So I don't - and that's what makes my system more popular than any other.

So the best part is the potential market... people who need my system. It's unbelievable.

It's no exaggeration... there are Hundreds of Millions of people who are losing lotto each week - and who urgently need my system.

I repeat - Hundreds of Millions of Eager Buyers are waiting to win... if only they knew about my system!

The number of Silver Lotto System owners is just a drop in the ocean compared to those others who don't know about it yet!

I've priced the customized mini-website at its lowest point - US$97 - to cover the work needed to set up and run the site for a year. But I'm under pressure to put it up to US$197-$497 like other sites of its type, because it takes a lot of work to set up.

So get going before you miss out. Let's summarize what your Lotto Mini-Website would cost at current market prices:

"Lotto Mini-Website" Benefits Market Price
Your Own 24/7 Autopilot Mini-Website -
A 12 Month Hosting Package
Your Own Personalized URL $30
Unlimited Personalized PDF Copies of "Lotto Secrets Revealed" $175+
A Professional Automatic Payment System $220
Total Real Value

But It's Yours Today For Only $97
(That's Less Than 27 cents A Day!)

The price is this low because I can operate in volume and reduce the running costs to you.

You only need to sell a couple of Silver Lotto System products in a year and you've made this investment back.

Could you make back your investment in - say, three months by getting 5 ordinary Silver Lotto System sales? In a month? A week? A day? Sure - anything's possible. I personally sell many dozens EACH DAY*

There's Nothing Else For YOU To Do...

It's easy to get your own Lotto Mini-Website up and running - because there's nothing to do except promote as I show you. It's a simple sign-up step which takes a couple of minutes. I set up your website within 72 hours (and often less), and you're all ready to go.

Have you watched opportunities like these pass you by, and always regretted it?

Don't miss out again.

I've made it as easy as possible for you. These 2 simple steps are all you need to do:

Step 1) Order the complete Lotto Mini-Website for just US$197 $97/year. (This is the full price: a one-time annual, automatically recurring payment with no hidden extras. And you can cancel anytime).

Step 2) Send your ClickBank affiliate name to me.

If you don't have your ClickBank affiliate name, sign up and get it here.


Within 72 hours I will customize your personalized Lotto Mini-Website... ready for you to start making an automatic income.



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Lotto Mini-Website
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  • FreePersonalized Domain!
  • Report Branded With Your Affiliate Link!
  • Worry-free Payment!
  • Top 75% Commission!
  • Free Upgrades For Life!
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Just $197 $97
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No Hidden Costs or Extras

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Happy winning!
Ken Silver
"Helping People Profit Since 1991"


PS. Did you know that it can cost up to 3 times the $97.00 merely to run a website with domain name registration, yearly hosting, PDF manual & customization, maintenance and upkeep? Did I tell you that you also need to be a geek to run all this stuff? Don't worry, it's all done for you.

PPS. Did I explain clearly how your Lotto Mini-Website set-up works? All you do is give me your ClickBank nickname (a super-easy 60 second process), and I do all the rest of the work for you! Can being a money-making affiliate be any easier? Order now!

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Lotto Mini-Website Price Now!

*Individual results will vary. No-one can make promises about your earning potential with the Lotto Mini-Website. You may earn a lot, or nothing. You will need to promote your mini-website, and you will only make as much as you are willing to work and use or adapt my ideas. Because of the set-up work I carry out and ongoing costs to run your mini-website, no refunds can be given. The payment is an annual recurring cost, and you may or may not not be advised when this annual fee is debited from your credit card. You may cancel here at any time.

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